The Metropol, Moscow’s iconic hotel

The Metropol, symbol of Moscow

If I had been told one day that I would go to Moscow, I don’t think I would have believed it. For me it was a dream to discover this city and Russia. So yes, at first glance, Moscow is not the sexiest destination in the world. But I loved discovering this wonderful city and all the superb monuments it has.

We were in Moscow to stay in the superb hotel LE METROPOL.

A few steps from Red Square, it is a sparkling and magical Moscow that offers itself to us by discovering THE METROPOL.

It is one of the most famous hotels in Russia. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1905 to be exact, with its glass and mosaics, it is a true work of art. Savva Mamontov, a wealthy Russian industrialist, initiated this project.

Facing another incredible monument, THE BOLSHOI, the METROPOL shines with a thousand lights, the hotel, or rather the palace, is truly majestic.

As soon as we entered the lobby, I was impressed by the luxurious materials adorned with gold and silver. And what about the dome of the lunch room! A real marvel!

My room was huge and sublime! I would have spent a few more days in this sanctuary of the Russian bourgeoisie.

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